No matter what else happens to industrialized nations,they must have products that enhance the standards of living of their people. Those products range from plumbing to television, from airplanes to railroads, from automobiles to agricultural equipment and a lot more. All involve metal castings, either as components of the immediate product, or as components of equipment to make other products.

We produce quality castings for many segments of the economy:

Hydraulic torque convertersUniversal Joints
Marine and power shift transmissionsGas turbine starting drives
Centrifugal blowers
Power take-offs
Mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic clutches Ventilation systems
Exhaust fanSpeed reducers
Gear boxes Sprockets
Farm and recreational equipment
Air-cooled motors
Lawn and garden tractors Hydraulic valves
Electric motors Pumps
Food processing Railroad parts
Heavy equipment parts Mining equipment