4 Molding Machines

20X24 Hunter with Vulcan Truflo Mold Handling Line
16X20 Roto Matchblowmatic with continuous Mold Handling Line
Jolt Squeeze Cope and Drag from 22X22 to 30X30 inch pop-off flasks
Pin Lift Tight Flask 30X30 inch

Core Making
On site: Air Set, CO2, and Shell cores
Utilizing Wood, Plastic, Cast, Aluminum core boxes

Melting Equipment
Inductotherm 1500 kW dual track power supply with two 3000 pound induction coreless furnaces

QC Program
Process Control per pattern
Optical Emission Spectrometer
Hartley Sand Control System
TQM (Total Quality Management) applied to all processes

Robotic Finishing Cell
Two Barinder Auto-grind
Two Robotic finishing cells in development

Serviced daily by Con-Way Central Express, US Special Delivery,
N&M Transfer, Rusch Transport, UPS, Fedex, Speedy
and various other inter-line and common carriers

Value Added Services
We work with local experts on Machining, Painting, Heat Treating, Forging,
and Fabrication as part of the North Star Manufacturing Alliance